Mr. Lenchitz

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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Natural Science and Math, Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ, 1984 BS Plant Science, Cook College, Rutgers, The State University, 1985

Mr. Lenchitz

I evolved, with the job, from being a Teacher of Agriculture to a Teacher of Outdoor Education to a Teacher of Science (grades 9,10,11).  I try to give students the big picture of how we got here, beginning almost 14 billion years ago, and where we are going.   We are still adapting and evolving and wondering whether this planet will still be able to sustain us during the next millenium.

That leads us to another topic, which I discuss with students: if this planet cannot sustain us, are there other land masses, in our universe, or among the multiverses, that can?  It is surmised that at least 10,000 earthlike planets, in sweet spots orbitting stars, like ours, exist.  If, and when, we can navigate to another hospitable place, who goes?  Who knows?

Prior to teaching I worked on 5 different farms and in 3 different laboratories.  A farm is a continuous laboratory, of sorts. The farmer tinkers with inputs and treatments in an effort to increase the yield of higher quality produce.  As an educator, I need to constantly tinker, with my methods and information, in order to optimize the learning environment and experience.