Mrs. Loretta Jarmon

Phone: (856) 378-5020 ext. 114


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters of Arts-School Psychology Education Specialist NJ Certified School Psychologist

Mrs. Loretta Jarmon

A little laughter is good for every soul.  If we take things too serious, life becomes hard/stressful and unenjoyable.  However, if we take a moment to laugh then we are forced to take deep breaths; allow us time to calm down and process things better.  -Loretta Jarmon      

 Greetings to You,

My name is Loretta Jarmon and the 2019-2020 school year marks my eleventh year with Pineland Learning Center as a School Psychologist.  Throughout the years, I've been given the awesome opportunity to collaborate with students, parents, districts, and other agencies.  Together we implement individualized strategies to increase the success of the students.  The process of change may not be easy but it is definately worth it.  

"Oh yes, the past can hurt.  But you can either run from it, or learn from it."- The Lion King