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R.E.A.D.Y. Program

R.E.A.D.Y. Program

Highlights from Week 1 & 2


Get READY…because we are!  The students have been busy preparing for all of the exciting opportunities this school year. 


Getting READY for college:

  • For the first time in Pineland history, some of the READY students are actively enrolled in a college prep math course. This new partnership with Cumberland County College has provided us an opportunity to support the students who are interested in pursuing their education as a post-secondary goal. Not only are the students participating in the online MA091 course on a daily basis, they are also on the campus weekly attending class is in the college’s math lab. 
  • For those students who are not enrolled, they are on campus in a student collaboratorium engaged in a financial literacy lesson with instruction provided by a Pineland staff member.


Getting READY to be fit and healthy:

  • Developing fitness goals, tracking progress and interval circuit training are just some of the areas these students have begun to explore. Not only have they utilized our new fitness equipment, they have also visited Washington Lake Park in Sewell.  


Getting READY for work:

  • Students are currently following a daily school job schedule providing extra support around our campus. These jobs consist of clerical, maintenance, housekeeping, technology and food service related responsibilities. 
  • The first orientation for structured learning experience occurred at Absolute Fitness at Anytime Fitness in Vineland.


Getting READY for life: 

  • While using their daily planners, all of the READY students have been utilizing their organizational skills to keep themselves on track.
  • The class has also started to brainstorm ideas relating to various lunch options they would be interest in preparing themselves in our skills kitchen.