• The admission process at Pineland Learning Center (PLC) is designed to be smooth and efficient. In order to be considered for admission, students must be identified as a student with a disability and be referred directly by the child study team at their school district of residence. While we are happy to discuss our program with any interested agencies or individuals, we only accept referrals from public school child study teams. If you are interested in enrolling a student at Pineland Learning Center, please contact the child study team at the appropriate school district to discuss the process.  For general information about the program you may contact us directly.

    When considering students for admission the following information is required as part of the application packet:
    • Current IEP
    • Recent psychological, psychiatric, educational, social and medical evaluations
    • Immunization records
    • Academic transcripts
    • Any other documents the Child Study Team deems pertinent

    Following receipt of admission materials, an administrator reviews the packet, makes an admission decision, and contacts the referring school district. Typically intake meetings are scheduled with the student’s parent or guardian after an admission decision has been made. On occasion, an intake meeting may be required as part of the admissions decision making process. Intake meetings provide the opportunity for PLC staff to meet with parents/guardians and, in some cases, students, prior to the student’s first day of school. Sometimes, parents/guardians want to visit our school before a formal application for admission is made. If you would like to visit PLC please contact the child study team at your student’s school district to discuss your interest in our school and, as appropriate, the child study team will contact us to schedule a tour. After admission, parents, guardians, case managers and other involved parties are always welcome to schedule a time to visit the school.

    For more information please contact admissions for assistance by dialing at 856-378-5020, ext. 403, or e-mailing

    We look forward to hearing from you!