• What do we expect our students to know?

    First and foremost, we expect our students to know that they are cared for and valued, and that Pineland Learning Center is a safe place where they are always welcome and wanted.  We want all our students to experience academic, social-emotional, and functional/vocational growth, commensurate with their cognitive, developmental, and academic abilities and levels as a result of their experiences at Pineland.  More specifically, we want all our students to know about or how to do the following at a level that is reflective of their individual abilities:

    Read, write, complete basic computations, speak, listen and think critically about issues.
    Understand and abide by laws, rules and expectations.
    Develop coping skills to successfully modulate their emotions and behaviors.
    Demonstrate appropriate ways to express themselves.
    Utilize appropriate social skills.
    Utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    Attain functional life and vocational skills.