• Student Profile
    Profile of Graduates

    What do we expect our students to know?

    First and foremost, we expect our students to know that they are cared for and valued, and that Pineland Learning Center is a safe place where they are always welcome and wanted. We want all of our students to experience academic, social-emotional, and functional/vocational growth, commensurate with their cognitive, developmental, and academic abilities and levels as a result of their experiences at Pineland. More specifically, we want all of our students to know about or how to do the following at a level that is reflective of their individual abilities:

    Read, write, complete basic computations, speak, listen and think critically about issues.
    Understand and abide by laws, rules and regulations.
    Coping skills that will allow them to successfully modulate their emotions and behaviors.
    Appropriate ways to express themselves.
    Utilize appropriate social skills.
    Possess functional life and vocational skills.

    Our high school graduates should know or have:

    How to think critically and problem solve.
    Functional academic skills (commensurate with their abilities).
    Job searching and maintenance skills.
    An understanding of basic personal finance.
    Ability to track and manage their personal records.
    Skills to access community resources.
    Ability to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    How to vote and serve on a jury.
    To think before acting or making purchases.
    Their talents and interests and how to incorporate these into everyday life.

    What we expect them to be able to do with what they know:

     All students should be able to…

    Treat others with respect and kindness.
    Be good citizens.
    Attend public school or a continuing education program successfully.
    Advocate for themselves.
    Live independently and eventually care for their own families.
    Utilize technology to obtain information.

    High school graduates should be able to…

    Generalize their skills to multiple settings with limited outside support.
    Maintain a job.
    Follow a schedule.
    Follow directions, especially in a vocational setting.
    Understand authority including laws.
    Visualize and plan for their future.
    Use communication resources.

    Upon exit from our school we want all of our students to be:

    Confident and proud of who they are.
    Self-starters that show initiative.
    Empathetic and understanding of the difficulties of others.
    More connected to their families.
    Able to self-regulate.

    High school grads should be…

    Goal-oriented and focused.