• Extended School Year
    Each summer Pineland Learning Center offers an extended school year program designed to serve students whose basic skills in reading and/or math might significantly regress, students who have difficulty learning and/or retaining new material, students in need of a behavior program or socialization skills, students experiencing significant cognitive delays, students in need of speech/language or occupational therapy services, students in need of credit completion, or students in need of intensive preparation for transition to the next grade. The program is available to ages 5 to 21 in grades K-12 as well as post-graduate students (up to 21).

    The ESY program offers individualized instruction in the context of a stimulating thematic project-based unit focused on the NJ CCCS.  Reading, writing, math, and critical thinking skills are incorporated into this unit.  Generalizability of these skills is fostered through the use of an interdisciplinary project that requires the application of academic skills.  Highly motivating curriculum extensions are offered through outdoor education, swimming, computer applications, physical education, field trips and art.  Programming also includes individual and group counseling for all students and speech/language or occupational therapy services as needed.  Enrollment is also extended to students who are not currently attending Pineland Learning Center.