• Visual Arts (K-12)

    Pineland Learning Center’s Visual Arts courses investigate various ways of linking ideas, language and theory to visual art while exploring its elements and principles. Students are introduced to rendering techniques for drawing and painting, basic two and three-dimensional design, and color theory. Emphasis is placed on the relationship of these art elements to the artist, their environment and the students’ individual creative expression. Pineland Learning Center believes the creative process is often therapeutic, providing a positive emotional release for students. Pineland Learning Center’s Fine Arts courses offer the use of a wide range of materials and hands-on processes for the students to employ and explore to the best of their abilities. 

    Performing Arts (Music, K-8)

    Performing Arts experiences are essential to the comprehensive education of all students. At Pineland Learning Center, students are presented with numerous balanced and sequential opportunities rooted in the National Standards for Music Education and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Through the use of an integrated pedagogical approach inclusive of Carl Orff, Zoltán Kodály, and Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, students receive an introduction to the fundamentals of music theory and its appreciation, along with the development of individual and ensemble performance skills. Pineland Learning Center offers the opportunity for all students to achieve their maximum potential while attaining the knowledge base that leads to a life-long love and appreciation for music. Each ensemble performs a repertoire representing diverse genres and styles from various periods and cultures during themed concerts. The General Music program for Pineland Learning Center sets high expectations and provides strong support for participation and achievement by all students.