• Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (K-12)

    Pineland Learning Center believes that the purpose of a quality physical education program is to guide students in the process of becoming health-conscious and physically active for a lifetime. Physical education is a component of instruction that takes place through movement. In health and Physical Education, as in all academic areas, students must learn the basic skills which require practice and refinement in an appropriate education setting. Students then integrate and apply the learned skills in health and physical education to their everyday life. Consequentially, numerous benefits result from participating in a quality health and physical education program such as: learning how to live an active and healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, skill development, improved physical fitness, inter-curricular reinforcement, goal setting, self-discipline, leadership, and cooperation, stress reduction, enhanced self-efficacy, and strengthened peer relationships. The health and physical education setting at Pineland Learning Center also provides a unique opportunity for students to develop an understanding and respect for differences among people. Cultural and global awareness is enhanced through participation in physical activity. Through regular participation in health and physical education, students have the opportunity to develop a pattern of life-enhancing and self-rewarding experiences that contribute to their potential to be healthy Pineland Learning Center citizens. The Pineland Learning Center Health and Physical Education curriculum is based on the National and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE).

    Driver’s Education (gr. 9-12, age dependent)

    Teenage drivers in New Jersey must work through a graduated driver licensing program to become fully licensed, beginning with a student permit. This permit will allow students to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction. At Pineland Learning Center we assist our students to begin this process by providing the required driver’s education program to have a student learner’s permit validated. This allows our students to practice driving for 6 months with adult supervision. Pineland Learning Center’s Driver’s Education course emphasizes personal and social safety and the efficient operation of a motor vehicle. New drivers learn perceptual skills and decision-making abilities that enable them to successfully cope with driving situations. Students learn the rules and laws of New Jersey in preparation of the provisional driver’s written exam, when eligible.