• Outdoor Education

    Pineland Learning Center’s Outdoor Education program is an exclusive, unique component of the science curriculum. We utilize our 63 acres of woods, fields and streams consisting of uplands, lowlands and wetlands to support student discovery through this exceptional program. Students learn about local and global environmental issues through hands-on experiences and off-campus learning trips with academic and cultural knowledge embedded in all activities. Pineland Learning Center’s outdoor educational environment is used as a foundation for genuine project-based learning. This educational approach which emphasizes hands-on activities, the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, student initiative, and integrated academic disciplines is thoroughly realized through the performance based endeavors of our outdoor science curriculum. Outdoor Education utilizes the abundance of state parks and forests found throughout our region to stimulate curiosity for students in new fields that could potentially lead to careers such as, environmental educator, environmental engineer, environmental lobbyist, museum curator, naturalist, or parks ranger. Students at Pineland Learning Center learn how to be better stewards of our environment.